Choosing a style

Are you’re ready to make the commitment to upgrade your home gym and stay fit?

Choosing a Style

Begin with an assessment of both your home and the activity you’ll be doing in your home gym. Have you set aside an entire room for your workouts and equipment, or will your home gym be part of another room, like the family room? Will you need a full floor of interlocking rubber floor tiles or just equipment mats for under specific equipment?

Looking for a full-blown “health club in your home” as we show in these Photos?  Consider choosing from our many Olympic Grade rubber flooring tile options to provide commercial grade durability and high end designer styling. You’ll have multiple colors and textures  and many tiles feature our EXCLUSIVE Hidden Interlocks, providing the clean, straight seams preferred in many upscale homes

Perhaps you’re converting a spare bedroom and you’ve purchased residential grade fitness equipment for your home gym. To get the most bang for your buck, consider the cushioned, rubber-like feel and wide selection of styles and colors of our Health Club Grade heavy-duty interlocking vinyl tiles. If your home gym doubles as office or other living space such as a family room, think about interlocking carpet tile as an option rather than vinyl or rubber tiles. Our My Gym Carpet Lock  can also provide a warm environment while providing the cushioning and support needed for your workouts.

If you want to provide your garage or basement with low cost, heavy-duty protection, and a wide range of color choices is not as important, our  Protector Tile and Protector Pad recycled rubber products provide exceptional value and performance.

Finally, individual mats for underneath equipment and weights serve two purposes. First, they protect whatever flooring you’ve chosen for your home gym. And second, they help protect the equipment and weights from dust and other buildup that can occur. With a variety of Protector Pads and Cardio Mats, My Gym Floor has a multitude of options for mats to fit under all types of equipment—from bikes, to rowers, treadmills and ellipticals.