No Unpleasant Odors

One of the most frequent complaints we hear from both health club owners and their members is the smell—the “used tires smell" that often accompanies recycled rubber flooring.   Club professionals tell us that their members pay from $50 to well over $100 monthly for a club membership as part of a healthy lifestyle, and providing members with clean, fresh indoor air quality is a critical factor in their floor buying decision.  









Odor Free Matters

Rubber gym tiles are the flooring of choice in fitness centers because of its superior slip resistance and durability; but for years they’ve found that inexpensive recycled floorings and their inherent smell make for an objectionable workout environment.  Many of these recycled rubber products are manufactured to low quality standards overseas -at minimal cost- and sold through mass retailers in the U.S.

My Gym Floor’s exclusive Olympic Grade virgin rubber tiles are manufactured in the U.S. using only 100% virgin rubber that provides no unpleasant odor, and is the top choice of fitness professionals at the country’s leading schools, colleges, universities, and health clubs.  In short—it’s the flooring of choice for serious fitness professionals everywhere--at the gym and at home.   And in keeping with our high quality standards, even our recycled rubber Protector Tiles and Protector Pads minimize odors by using only premium recycled rubber that has been vulcanized together under heat and pressure using an odor reducing agent.   It’s not simply “ glued” together with strong (and strong smelling!) adhesives.

You don’t want your home gym smelling like a bunch of tires.  My Gym Floor knows that, so it’s why we offer only the best options to minimize and eliminate those odors in your workout space.