Why Virgin Rubber

Why consider virgin rubber?  Virgin rubber tiles- such as those in our Olympic Grade Rubber Gym Flooring- provide performance and aesthetic characteristics that recycled rubber flooring simply cannot match. 


Why Virgin Rubber

The ultimate in design performance, and function, virgin rubber is your answer.

Here are just a few of the benefits of virgin rubber flooring:

  • Appearance:  Virgin rubber tiles have bold, solid color throughout the full thickness of the tile, with no thin surface layer to wear through.  Colors are solid- not flecked “chips” of color.
  • Smell:  With virgin rubber, there is no unpleasant “used tire smell” frequently associated with low-grade recycled rubber floors.
  • Performance:  Premium virgin rubber compound provides superior shock absorption,  “rebound,” and durability over the lifetime of the floor.
  • Maintenance:  The closed cell construction of virgin rubber tiles does not allow dirt and moisture to penetrate the surface of tile, allowing for easy clean-up of the floor.
  • Dimensional Stability:  Virgin rubber tiles are manufactured to exacting standards resulting in precise fitting interlocks and perfect evenness of your finished floor.  Recycled rubber tiles may vary slightly in height, resulting in less than perfect uniformity between tiles.
  • Latex Free:  Our proprietary virgin rubber compound is 100% latex free.