Male border tiles with connecting tabs  provide optional beveled transitions to one or more sides of Gym Court Cushioned Vinyl Tiles and Carpet Lock Tiles.  If a beveled transition is required around the full perimeter of the tiles, you'll want to use an equal quantity of male and female border tiles.  Also, select one additional male and one additional female border tile to use for each beveled corner you require.  To create a full perimeter beveled border, you'll need four additional male borders and four additional female borders.  These border pieces are easily mitred to 45 degrees during installation to create beveled corners.  Beveled borders are not required when GymCourt and Carpet Lock tiles are installed in wall-to-wall applications

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Reg $4.60/ ea

Color Options:

Black (1)
Black (1)
Tan (3)
Tan (3)

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Size: 12.125" x 1.75"
Weight: 0.125 Lb. 
Available in Black and Tan only

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