Heavy duty commercial grade recycled rubber pads provide extra protection wherever it’s needed—on hard floors, over carpeting, or over rubber and vinyl floor tiles.  Manufactured with a "clean and fresh" mitigating agent used to reduce aromas, these mats will reduce noise and vibration.

Popular 4” x 6” non-interlocking rubber pads are available in three thicknesses for a variety of fitness applications. The edges are beveled to avoid trip hazards. They are absolutely non-absorbent and will not harbor or promote bacterial growth.



Color Options:


Black (1)
Black (1)
  • Non-marking
  • Non-absorbent
  • Resistant to bacterial growth
  • Allows equipment to set level and firm
  • Muffles noise/deadens sound

Size: 4’ x 6’                  
Height: 3/4"                   
Weight per pad: 105 lbs.              

Recommended uses:

  • Interior or Exterior
  • Under heavy duty free weight areas, commercial weight stations and other heavy equipment

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