Our Soft Lock Foam Tiles are a lightweight, low cost alternative to vinyl and rubber flooring.  They work equally well in exercise rooms or more standard family rooms such as a child’s playroom. 

Our 3/8” foam tiles are 33% more dense than similar products, providing a more durable and

long-wearing surface that’s still soft and resilient.  Interlocking puzzle pieces snap together easily without adhesives, so they’re easy to maneuver and cut into place without special tools. 

Soft Lock feels like a flip-flop, providing excellent high-energy shock absorption on impact.   Soft Lock offers soft, warm comfort over cold, damp concrete floors in your basement or garage, providing an insulating value similar to carpet. 

Our non-toxic EVA foam is the same product used in many children’s' toys, so it’s safe for use in child play areas—no matter how young.  And maintenance is a breeze—simply vacuum or wash with soap and water.  The bold colors extend throughout the tile, and the embossed surface offers excellent slip resistance.  Available in 6 packs of solid gray or multi-colors (one each of green, orange, purple, red, yellow, and blue).  Each set also includes 10 detachable border trim pieces.  Soft Lock Plus tiles are also available, sold as individual tiles in 8 color options.

Multi (6PACK)
[6 Pack] Multi-Color (MIX)

Features and Benefits:

  • Complete portability
  • Fire rated
  • Certified Lead Free
  • Oil resistant
  • Waterproof
  • Odor proof

Packaging: 6 Tiles/Pack

Size: 24" x 24"
Thickness: 3/8"
Weight: 0.75 lbs. per tile; 5 lbs. per package of six tiles

Recommended uses:

  • Interior applications (may be used in mild exterior climates, but color will fade)
  • Exercise rooms
  • Children’s playrooms

Special Notes on EVA Foam Tiles:

Heavy or pointed items that are wheeled or placed on tiles can cause marks and indentations that cannot be removed. High heeled shoes and heavy equipment are not recommended for use on Soft Lock tiles.

Color shading within EVA foam tiles is an inherent part of the product and is not considered a manufacturing defect.

Care and Cleaning: 

Tiles are easy to clean and require minimal maintenance.  My Gym Vinyl Floor Cleaner provides safe, effective cleaning to all our EVA foam. vinyl and laminated flooring products.    

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